University of Missouri-Columbia
College of Arts & Science

Department of Mathematics

Graduate course schedule WS08: Updated 3/3/08

Instructor Catalog Title
Course Topic
8085 Faculty Problems
8090 Faculty Master's Thesis in Mathematics
8102 sec 1 Srinivasan Topics in Algebra:
Free resolutions and spectral sequences
8102 sec 2 Aberbach Topics in Algebra:
Local Cohomology and Local Duality
8190 Faculty Master's Project in Mathematics
8250 Segert Basic Topology and Geometry
8302 sec 1 M. Mitrea Topics in Harmonic Analysis:
Singular integral operators and boudnary value problems
8302 sec 2 Banks Topics in Harmonic Analysis:
The Riemann zeta-function and related topics
8410 Srinivasan Algebra I
8421 Dostoglou Theory of Functions of Real Variables II
8425 Christiansen Complex Analysis I
8445 Lin Partial Differential Equations I
8461 Taksar Mathematical Finance II
formerly 8618 sec 1
Wang Introduction to Algebraic Topology:
The geometric point of view

Formerly 8618 sec 1. May be taken concurrently with Prof. Qin's 8618 sec 2.
Pre-reigstrations prior to the renumbering will be correctly counted.
8602 Tsoi Topics in Financial Mathematics:
Numerical methods in finance using Matlab
8618 sec 2
Qin Introduction to Algebraic Topology:
Singular homology

New. May be taken concurrently with Prof. Wang's 8502 (formerly 8618 sec 1).
8628 Rudelson Functional Analysis I
8631 Hofmann Harmonic Analysis II
8680 Taksar Stochastic Processes
8702 sec 1 Dostoglou Topics in Applied Mathematics:
Mathematical principles of fluid mechanics and fluid turbulence
9090 Faculty Research
9887 sec 1 Bednorz Analysis Seminar:
Concentration of measure inequalities
9887 sec 2 Rudelson Analysis Seminar:
Probabilistic methods in convex geometry