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    Charles Li
PhD: University of Michigan, 1990
  PhD: Princeton University, 1993
Research Interests: Commutative Algebra
  Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, PDE's
    Konstantin Makarov
PhD: Princeton University, 1980
PhD: Leningrad State University, Russia, 1985
Research Interests: Mathematical Physics, Differential Equations
  Research Interests: Mathematical Physics, PDE's
    Dorina Mitrea
PhD: University of Washington , 1986
PhD: University of Minnesota, 1996
Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis
Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis, PDE's
    Marius Mitrea
PhD: Stanford University, 1994
  PhD: University of South Carolina, Columbia, 1994
Research Interests: Cryptography, Number Theory
  Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis, PDE's
    Stephen Montgomery-Smith
PhD: University of Iowa, 1972
  PhD: Cambridge University, England, 1989
Research Interests: Functional Analysis
  Research Interests: Functional Analysis
    Carlo Morpurgo
PhD: University of Wisconsin, 1977
  PhD: Washington University, 1993
Research Interests: Dynamical Systems
  Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis, Spectral Theory of PDO
    Michael Pang
PhD: University of Michigan, 2005
PhD: London University, England, 1988
Research Interests: Representation theory of algebras
  Research Interests: Elliptic PDE's
    Dix Pettey
PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993
  PhD: University of Utah, 1968
Research Interests: Scattering Theory, PDE's
  Research Interests: Point Set Topology, Combinatorics
    Peter Pivovarov
PhD: Brandeis University, 1985
  Ph.D.: University of Alberta, 2010
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry
Research Interests: Asymptotic Geometric Analysis
    Zhenbo Qin
PhD: University of Warwick, England, 1990
  PhD: Columbia University, 1990
Research Interests: Mathematical Physics
  Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry
    Jan Segert
PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991
  PhD: Princeton University, 1987
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry
  Research Interests: Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics
Fritz Gesztesy Hema Srinivasan
PhD: University of Graz, Austria, 1976
  PhD: Brandeis University, 1986
Research Interests: Mathematical Physics
  Research Interests: Commutative Algebra
    Shuichiro Takeda
PhD: University of California, Los Angeles, 1989
Ph.D: University of Pennsylvania, 2006
Research interests: Automorphic Forms and Representations, Number Theory
Research Interests: Fourier Analysis and Applications
    Allanus Tsoi
PhD: Paris 6 University, France, 1997
  PhD: University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, 1990
Research Interests: Functional Analysis
  Research Interests: Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Finance
    Junwu Tu
PhD: Oxford University, England, 1986
  PhD: University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2011
Research Interests: Geometry, Mathematical Physics
Research Interests: Higher Structures in Geometry
Steve Hofmann Igor Verbitsky
PhD: University of Minnesota, 1988
PhD: Kazan State Univeristy, Russia, 1979
Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis, PDE's
Research Interests: Harmonic Analysis
    Samuel Walsh
PhD: St. Petersburg State University, Russia, 1982
  Ph.D., Brown University 2010
Research Interests: Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis
  Research Interests: PDEs, nonlinear waves, and dynamical systems
  Shuguang Wang
PhD: Odessa University, USSR, 1982
  PhD: Oxford University, England, 1990
Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Operator Semigroups
  Research Interests: Low-Dimensional Manifolds
  Dana Weston
      PhD: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1986
      Research Interests: Commutative Algebra
  Qi Zhang
PhD: Duke University, 1990
      Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry


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