Calculus III

Calculus III
Course Number: 
Math 2300

Course Description
This course is devoted to the study of vectors, solid analytic geometry, and calculus of several variables.


Sections Covered from Calculus (8th edition) by James Stewart

Calculus Help Sessions are free tutoring sessions which provide assistance with homework to all Math 2300 students. These sessions are held throughout the current semester (with the exception of breaks).

Final Exam Room Locations:

Physics 126 

sec. 13  (Dan Edidin) 
sec. 1, 9  (Jan Segert )  
sec.7  (Junwu Tu)   

Physics 114 

sec. 3, 4  (Marius Mitrea) 
sec. 5  (Brett Collins)     
sec. 6. (Alysa Genschaw)  

Physics 120 

sec. 2, 12. (Alex Koldobsky) 
sec. 8. (David Mayer)