Intermediate Algebra

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Midterm/Final Exam Info: 

Summer Exam Dates:

Exam 1:  7 am, Sunday, June 16 - 5 pm, Tuesday, June 18

Exam 2:  7 am, Sunday, July 7 - 5 pm, Tuesday, July 9

Exam 3:  7 am, Thursday, July 25 - 5 pm, Saturday, July 17.

Intermediate Algebra
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Math 0110

Course Description

Math 0110 is a preparatory course for college algebra that carries no credit towards any baccalaureate degree.  However, the grade received in Math 0110 does count towards a student’s overall GPA.  The course covers operations with real numbers, graphs of functions, domain and range of functions, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations; operations with polynomials, rational expressions, exponents and radicals; equations of lines.  Emphasis is also put on problem-solving. 

Textbook and Course Materials:

  • MML AUTO ACCESS  -  Required
  • INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA WORKBOOK – Custom Edition -  Required  – A manual containing an outline of class notes.
  • TEXTBOOK – Recommended - Intermediate Algebra by Martin-Gay, 7th edition.
  • NOTE: Students may use a TI-30XS or TI-30X IIS scientific calculator on exams in this course. No other calculators permitted.