Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


Mathematics PhD Dissertations are available online from MOspace.

Summer 2019

  • Amineh Farzannia: (Dominican University, Chicago) Biangular Frames (Pete Casazza)
  • Hung Le: Capillary-gravity water waves with vorticity: steady wind-driven waves and waves with a submerged dipole (Sam Walsh)

Spring 2019

  • Sara Botelho-Andrade: (Postdoc at University of Denver) Applied Problems in Frame Theory (Pete Casazza)
  • Jacob Clark: (Assistant Professor at Missouri Southern State University) Shapley like values without symmetry (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Alyssa Genschaw: (Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Connecticut) Absolute Continuity of Parabolic Measure and the Initial-Dirichlet Problem (Steve Hofmann)
  • Ryan Richey: The Vanishing of the Chow Cohomology Ring for Affine Toric Varieties and Additional Results (Dan Edidin)

Summer 2018

  • Dilan Fernando: (Visiting Assistant Professor at Trinity University, San Antonio) Effective Numerical Methods to Model Dynamical Behavior of Springs with Torsion (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Adisak Seesanea: (Research Fellow at Hokkaido University) Potential Theory Methods for Some Nonlinear Elliptic Equations (Igor Verbitsky)

Spring 2018

  • Desai Cheng: (Software Engineer, Classlink, Clifton, NJ) Frames and Subspaces (Pete Casazza)
  • Brett Collins: (Instructor at Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA) Generalized Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients for Branching Rules of GL(n) and Extremal Weight Crystals (Calin Chindris)
  • Arpan Dutta: Generating Sequences and Semigroups of Valuations (Dale Cutkosky)
  • Melissa Emory: (Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto) On the global Gan-Gross-Prasad Conjecture for general spin groups (Shuichiro Takeda)
  • Killian Meehan: (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study) Persistant Homology: Categorical Structural Theorem and Stability Through Representation of Quivers (Calin Chindris and Jan Segert)

Fall 2017

  • Mazen Alhwaimel: (Assistant Professor at Qassim University) On the Euler characteristics of certain moduli spaces of 1-dimensional subschemes (Zhenbo Qin)

Summer 2017

  • Adelaide Akers: (Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Emporia State University, Emporia, KS) Large-amplitude solitary water waves with discontinuous vorticity (Samuel Walsh)
  • Nicholas H. Okamoto: (Online Course Development Specialist, MU Math Dept) Radiation Conditions and Integral Representations for Clifford Algebra-Valued Null-Solutions of the Iterated Perturbed Dirac Operator (Dorina Mitrea)
  • Shibi Vasudevan: (Postdoctoral Fellow, International Center for Theoretical Sciences, TIFR, Bangalore, India) Stability and instability results for the 2D alpha Euler equations (Yuri Latushkin)

Spring 2017

  • Victor Guo: Exponential sums, character sums, sieve methods and distribution of prime numbers (Bill Banks)
  • Andrew McCrady: (Assistant Professor at Central Methodist University) Perinormality in Polynomial and Module-Finite Ring Extensions (Dana Weston)
  • Eric Pinkham: (Technical Analyst at Applied Underwriters, Foster City, CA)  Outer Products and Frame Coefficients (Pete Casazza)
  • Thomas Polstra: (NSF postdoc at the University of Utah) Uniform bounds in F-finite rings and their applications (Ian Aberbach)
  • Stephen Quinn: Sublinear Version of the Schur Test and Weighted Norm Inequalities (Igor Verbitsky)
  • Selim Sukhtaiev: (Evans Instructor, Rice University) Topics in Spectral Theory of Differential Operators (Fritz Gesztesy and Yuri Latushkin)
  • Brian Tuomanen: (Machine Learning Specialist at Microsoft in Redmond, WA) Sequences of rank-1 projections and Gabor tight fusion frames (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Jianfei Xue: (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona) On Hydrodynamic Equations and Their Relation to Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics (S. Dostoglou)

Fall 2016

  • Major Travis Bemrose: (Instructor at Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH) Properties of Frames and Relationships Between Them With Emphasis on Subframes and Unconditional Convergence (Peter G. Casazza)

Summer 2016

  • Xinyao Yang: (Lecturer in Mathematics at Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University, China) Stability of Planer Fronts for a Class of Reaction Diffusion Equations (Yuri Latushkin)

Spring 2016

  • Simon Bortz: (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Minnesota) Rectifiability and Harmonic Measure (Steve Hofmann)
  • Thomas Coleman: (Data Scientist, Macy's Corporation, New York, NY) Inertial Chow Rings and a New Asymptotic Product (Dan Edidin)
  • Valerie Granger: (Assistant Professor and Director of Quantitative Literacy Center at Coker College) GIT-Equivalence and Semi-Stable Subcategories of Quiver Representations (Calin Chindris)
  • Danqing He: (Research Associate, Sun Yat-sen University) Weak Hardy spaces and paraproducts (Loukas Grafakos)
  • Daniel Kline: (Assistant Professor at College of the Ozarks) Locally Semi-Simple Quiver Representations (Calin Chindris)
  • Phi Long Le: (Postdoctoral Fellow at Syracuse University) The Dirichlet problem for elliptic and degenerate elliptic equations, and related results (Steve Hofmann)
  • Richard G. Lynch: (Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas A&M) Subsequences of frames and their operators (Peter G. Casazza)
  • Hanh Van Nguyen: (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Alabama) Maximal Fourier Integrals and Multilinear Multiplier Operators (Loukas Grafakos)
  • Andrew Renner: A Foliated Seiberg-Witten Theory (Shuguang Wang)
  • Brock Schmutzler: (Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas) Calderon-Zygmund Theory for Singular Integral Operators Associated with Second-Order Elliptic Partial Differential Systems on Rough Subdomains of Riemannian Manifolds (Marius Mitrea)
  • Patrick Spencer: (Visiting lecturer at the University of Kentucky) Some Results in Convex Geometry (Alexander Koldobsky)

Summer 2015

  • Dat Cao:  Quasilinear elliptic equations with sub-natural growth and nonlinear potentials  (I. Verbitsky)

Spring 2015

  • Ryan Alvarado: (Assistant Professor, Amherst Collage, Massachusetts) Topics in Geometric Analysis and Harmonic Analysis on Spaces of Homogeneous Type (M. Mitrea)
  • Kevin Brewster: (Analytical Consultant, Prognos Inc, Chicago) Trace/Extension operators in rough domains and applications to partial differential equations (M. Mitrea)
  • Hesam Oveys:  (Instructor, University of Missouri) Age-dependent Branching Processes and Applications to the Luria-Delbrück Experiment (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Lindsey Woodland:  (Analytical Consultant, Prognos Inc, Chicago) Frames and Applications: Distribution of frame coefficients, integer frames and phase retrieval (P. Casazza)

Summer 2014

  • Chandrasekar Vaidyanathan:  On the expected value of p-norm of random matrices with heavy tails (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Valeria D'Orasio:  (Visiting Instructor at Framingham State University) On unimodality of Hilbert functions of Artinian level algebras of codimension 3 and type 2 and 3 (H. Srinivasan)

Spring 2014

  • Daniel Brigham:  (Head of Math Department, Smithon R-VI Public School, Smithton MO Quasi-Metric Geometry (M. Mitrea)
  • Vinh An PhamGenerating Sequences of Valuations and Applications (S. Cutkosky)
  • Soumya Deepta Sanyal: (Postdoctoral Fellow, Computer Science Department, MU) Irrational behavior of algebraic discrete valuations (S. Cutkosky)
  • Samuel Hardwick:  (Assistant Professor, Lincoln University) Results on the Collatz Conjecture (H. Srinivasan)

Fall 2013

  • Khalifa Alhazaa:  (Assistant Professor Qatar University) Counterexamples on Strichartz’s inequalities (S. Montgomery-Smith)

Summer 2013 

  • Jameson Cahill:  (Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University) Frames and Projections (P. Casazza)
  • Nicholas Jacob:  (Assistant Professor, East Central University, Oklahoma) Limit of Many Molecules Dynamics with Rigorous Macroscopic Results (S. Dostoglou)
  • Valerian Yurov:  (Prognos Inc., Chicago) Stability estimates for strongly continuous semigroups and partly parabolic reaction diffusion equations (Y. Latushkin)

Spring 2013 

  • Jesse Peterson:  (Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Air Force Institute of Technology) Fusion Frame Constructions and Frame Partitions (P. Casazza)
  • Gregory Varner:  (John Brown University, Assistant Professor) Stochastically Perturbed Navier-Stokes System on the Rotating Sphere (S. Dostoglou)

Fall 2012

  • Andreas Heinecke:  (Research Fellow National University of Singapore)  Complemented block bases of symmetric bases and  special tetris fusion frame constructions (P. Casazza)

Summer 2012

  • Lunhao AoOn projective morphisms of varieties with nef anticanonical divisor (Q. Zhang)
  • Ana Grau de la Herran(Postdoctoral Fellow, Univeristy of Helsinki) Generalized local Tb Theorem and applications (S. Hofmann)
  • Alim Sukhtayev:  (Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University), The Evans function, the Weyl-Titchmarsh function, and the Birman-Schwinger operators, (Y. Latushkin).

Spring 2012

  • Daniel Fresen:  (Gibbs Instructor, Yale University), Geometric and nonlinear limit theorems in probability theory (A. Koldobskiy, M. Rudelson, N. Kalton).
  • Robert GastlerStatistical and Stochastic Results for Three Dimensional Fluids (S. Dostoglou)
  • Mingming Wang:   (University of International Business & Economics, Beijing China) Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance and Related Topics (A. Tsoi).
  • Elia Ziade:  (Postdoctoral Research Assistant Professor, Temple University) Topics in Non-Locally Convex Functional Analysis and Geometrical Analysis with Applications to Boundary Value Problems (M. Mitrea).

Fall 2011

  • Dany Bou Laba Bassil:  (Analytical Consultant, Prognos Inc, Chicago), Coptimal dynamic portfolio selection for a coporation with controllable risk, dividends and equity distribution policy: insurance company example (M. Taksar)
  • Sumi Seo:  (Lecturer, Northeastern University) Minimal homogeneous resolutions, almost complete intersections and Gorenstein Artin algebras (H. Srinivasan)

Summer 2011

  • Aline Hosry:  (Assistant Professor,  Notre Dame University, Lebanon ), Coefficient Theorems of Briançon-Skoda Type (I. Aberbach)
  • Mihalis Mourgoglou:  (Hadamard Postdoctoral Fellow, Univeristy of Paris-Orsay) Endpoint solvability results for divergence form, complex ellptic equations (S. Hofmann)

Spring 2011

  • David Covert (Instructor, University of Missouri), Geometric Combinatorics in Discrete Settings (A. Iosevich)
  • Mita Das (Assistant Professor, Middlesex Community College, MA) Derivatives of the Evans function and (modified) Fredholm determinants for first order systems (Y. Latushkin)
  • Benjamin Jaye:  (Postdoctral Fellow, Kent State University), Nonlinear equations with natural growth terms (I. Verbitsky)
  • Steven Senger:  (Postdoctral Fellow, University of Delaware), Explorations of the Erdos-falconer Distance Problem and Related Applications  (A. Iosevich)

Fall 2010

  • Peimin Chen:  Classical and impulse stochastic control on the optimization of the dividends for the terminal bankruptcy model and its application (M. Taksar)
  • Christopher Wesley NevansOn the theory of integer sequences (W. Banks)
  • Ryan Murphy:  A transition matrix for two bases of the integral cohomology of the Hilbert scheme of points in the projective plane (Z. Qin)

Summer 2010

  • Heidi Hulsizer:  (Assistant Professor, Hampden-Sydney College, VA), Minimal Resolutions for a Class of Gorenstein Determinantal Ideals (H. Srinivasan)
  • John Kahl:  (Lecturer Penn State University) Measures on Hilbert space and applications to hydrodynamics  (S. Dostoglou)
  • Adriano Marzullo:  (Assistant Professor Becker College, Worcester, MA) On the Periodicity of the First Betti Number of the Semigroup Rings under Translations (H. Srinivasan)

Spring 2010

  • Marco Annoni:  (Consultant, Prognos Inc, Chicago) Almost-everywhere convergence of modified Bochner-Riesz means at the critical index (L. Grafakos)
  • Jeremy Chapman:  (Assistant Professor, Lyon College, Batesville, AR): Finite Point Configurations and Projection Theorems in Vector Spaces Over Finite Fields (A. Iosevich)

Fall 2009

  • James Benson:  Mathematical problems from Cryobiology (C. Chicone)
  • Daniel Redmond:  Constructing Real Equiangular Tight Frames (P. Casazza)

Summer 2009

  • Simona Barb: Topics in Geometric Analysis with Applications to Partial Differential Equations (M. Mitrea)
  • Michael Heitzman:  (Temporary Faculty, Central Michigan Univeristy) A field theory two-body problem in gas dynamics (C. Chicone)
  • Jaewon Lee:  (Postdoctoral Fellow, Academica Sinica, Taiwan) Seiberg-Witten Invariants on Three Dimensional Manifolds with an Orientation Reversing Involution (S. Wang)

Spring 2009

  • Oksana Bihun:  (Assistant Professor, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN)  Approximate Isometries and Distortion Energy Functionals (C. Chicone)
  • Simon Cowell:  Asymptotic Unconditionality in Banach Spaces (N. Kalton)
  • Kenneth Felts:   (Assistant Professor, Columbia College) Harmonics and Excitations of Oscillators (C. Chicone)
  • Christopher Shane:  (Assistant Professor, Southwestern Oklahoma State University), Determining Uniqueness of Convex Bodies (A. Koldobsky)

Fall 2008

  • Doowon Koh:  (Assistant Professor Chungbuk National University Korea), Extensions Theorems in Vector Spaces over Finite Fields (A. Iosevich)

Spring 2008

  • Vita Borovyk:  (Visiting Faculty, University of Arizona), Box Approximation and Related Techniques in Spectral Theory (K. Makarov)
  • Samar El Hitti:  (Assistant Professor, New York City College of Technology), Algebraic Resolution of Formal Ideals Along a Valuation (S.D. Cutkosky)
  • Krishna Hanumanthu:  (Assistant Professor Chenai Mathematical Institute, India), Toroidalization of Locally Toroidal Morphisms (S.D. Cutkosky)
  • Derrick Hart:  (Hill Assistant Professor, Rutgers University), Exploration of Geometric Combinatorics in Vector Spaces Over Finite Fields (A. Iosevich)
  • Alexandru Alin Pogan:  (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota), Dichotomy Theorems and Applications (Y. Latushkin)
  • Jared Schlieper:  (Assistant Professor, Armstrong Atlantic State University), Extremal Sections of unit ball in Lorentz Sequences Space (A. Koldobsky)
  • Matthew Wright:  (Assistant Professor, Missouri State University), Boundary Value Problems for the Stokes System in Lipschitz Domains (M. Mitrea)
  • Maria-Isavella Zymonopoulou:  (Visiting Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University), Sections of complex convex bodies (A. Koldobsky)

Fall 2007

  • Elena Koucherik:  (Instructor, University of Missouri), Transference And Szego's Theorem For Measure Preserving Transformations (N. Asmar)

Summer 2007

  • Sabine El Khoury:  (Assistant Professor, American University of Beirut), A Class of Artinian Gorenstein Algebras of Embedding Dimension Four (H. Srinivasan)
  • Pei Yin:  (Wilshire Associates Incorporated), Volatility Estimation And Price Prediction Using A Hidden Markov Model With Empirical Study (A. Tsoi)

Winter 2007

  • Anna Skripka:  (Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University), Trace Formulae in Finite von Neumann Algebras (K. Makarov)

Summer 2006

  • Mikhail Ganichev:  Convergence of Greedy Algorithms in Banach Spaces (N. Kalton)
  • Qiang Shi:  (Assistant Professor, Emporia State University), Sharp Estimates of Transmission Boundary Value Problem for Dirac operators in Non-smooth Domains (M. Mitrea)
  • Maxim Zinchenko:  (Bateman Instructor, California Institute of Technology), Topics in Spectral and Inverse Spectral Theory (F. Gesztesy)

Winter 2006

  • Georgiy Arutyunyants:  (SAS), Combinatorial Methods in Harmonic Analysis (A. Iosevich)
  • James Ryan Brown:  (Assistant Professor, Georgia College and State University), Complex and Almost-complex Structures on Six Dimensional Manifolds (J. Segert)
  • Geoffrey Diestel:  (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of South Carolina), Bilinear Littlewood-Paley Theory and Square Function Estimates (L. Grafakos)
  • Tunde Jakab: (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia), Parabolic Layer Potentials and Initial Boundary Value Problems in Lipschitz Cylinders with Data in Besov Spaces (M. Mitrea)
  • Cong Phuc Nguyen:  (Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University), Potential Theory and Harmonic Analysis Methods for Quasilinear and Hessian Equations (I. Verbitsky)
  • Christopher Sansing:  Directional Time-Frequency Analysis with Applications (L. Grafakos)
  • Vladyslav Yaskin:  (Associate Professor, University of Alberta at Edmonton), Applications of the Fourier transform to Convex Geometry (A. Koldobsky)
  • Maryna Yaskina:  (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta at Edmonton), Topics in Functional Analysis and Convex Geometry (A. Koldobsky)

Winter 2005

  • Vladimir Batchenko: On the Spectra of Schrödinger and Jacobi Operators with Complex-Valued Quasi-Periodic Algebro-Geometric KdV Coefficients (F. Gesztesy)
  • Dmitriy Bilyk:  (Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study), Distributional Estimates for Multilinear Operators (L. Grafakos)
  • David Cramer:  (Faculty, The Barstow School), Fredholm determinants and the Evans functions (Y. Latushkin)
  • Petr Honzik:  (Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), Maximal operators associated with Fourier multipliers (L. Grafakos)
  • Tamara Kucherenko:  (Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA), The Absolute Functional Calculus for Sectorial Operators (N. Kalton)
  • Shangzhou Luo: (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa), Filtering of hidden weak Markov chain and its applications to finance (A. Tsoi)
  • Svitlana Mayboroda:  (Associate Professor University of Minnesota), The Poisson Problem in Lipschitz Domains (M. Mitrea)

Winter 2004

  • Pierre Portal: (University of Lille), Harmonic Analysis of Banach Space Valued Functions in the Study of Parabolic Evolution Equations (N. Kalton)

Fall 2003

  • Jakub Duda:  (Senior Analyst, Pira Energy Group), Aspects of Delta-Convexity (N. Kalton)

Summer 2003

  • Mark Budden:  (Assistant Professor, Armstrong Atlantic State University), On the Local Coefficients of Principal Series Representations of Metaplectic Groups (W. Banks)

Winter 2003

  • Mark Hoffmann: (Actuary,, Topics in Complex Analysis and Function Spaces (N. Kalton)
  • Olga Kashcheyeva:  (Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago), Monomialization of Strongly Prepared Morphisms to Surfaces (S.D. Cutkosky)

Winter 2002

  • Erin Terwilleger Mullen:  (Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut), Multidimensional Time-Frequency Analysis (L. Grafakos)

Fall 2001

  • Shih-Chi (Jerry) Shen: The Moment Inequalities of Martingales (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Roman Shvidkoy:  (Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago), Operators and Integrals in Banach Spaces (N. Kalton and Y. Latushkin)

Summer 2001

  • Xiaochun Li: (Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Uniform Bounds for the Bilinear Hilbert Transforms (L. Grafakos)
  • Jorge Riviera-Noriega:  (Professor Investigador Asociado C, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos), Some Remarks on Certain Parabolic Differential Operators over Non-cylindrical Domains (S. Hofmann)

Winter 2001

  • Russell Goward:  (President and CEO, Epsilon Delta), A Simple Algorithm for Principalization of Monomial Ideals (S.D. Cutkosky)
  • Brian Hollenbeck:  (Associate Professor, Emporia State University), Best Constants for Operators Involving the Hilbert Transform (I. Verbitsky)

Summer 2000

  • Milena Stanislovova:  (Associate Professor, University of Kansas), Spectral Mapping Theorems and Invariant Manifolds for Infinite-Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems (Y. Latushkin)
  • Roman Vershynin:  (Professor, University of Michigan), Representing Structures in Banach Spaces (N. Kalton)

Winter 2000

  • Jaedong Choi:  (Associate Professor, Air Force Academy, Korea), Warped Product Spaces with Non-Smooth Warping Functions (J. Beem)
  • Christina Morian:  (Associate Professor, Lincoln University, Missouri), Partial Differential Equations on Time Scales (C. Ahlbrandt)
  • Bulent Unal:  (Assistant Professor, Bilkent University), Doubly Warped Products (J. Beem)

Winter 1999

  • Andres Avila:  (Associate Professor, University de La Frontera), Stability Results for the First Eigenvalue of the Laplacian on Domains in Space Forms (M. Ashbaugh),
  • M. Ben Hadj Rhouma:  (Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University), On the Continuation of Periodic Orbits (C. Chicone)
  • Lotfi Hermi:  (Visiting Faculty, University of Arizona), On the Spectrum of the Dirichlet Lapacian and other Elliptic Operators (M. Ashbaugh)
  • William Layton: Optimal Gap Conditions for the Existence of Invariant Manifolds (Y. Latushkin)
  • Atanas Stefanov:  (Associate Professor, University of Kansas), On Homogeneous Calderon-Zygmund Operators with Rough Kernels (L. Grafakos)

Fall 1998

  • Don Steiger:  Numerical n-Body Methods in Computational Chemistry (C. Ahlbrandt)

Summer 1998

  • Ronald Dickson:  Algebro-Geometric Solutions of the Boussinesq Hierarchy (F. Gesztesy)
  • Andrew Lang:  (Professor, Oral Roberts University), The Casimir Effect (A. Helfer)

Winter 1998

  • Constantin Cazacu:  (Assc Quant Strategist, ING), Twisted Sums of Orlicz Spaces (N. Kalton)
  • Kent Neurburg:  On Puiseux Series and Resolution Graphs (S.D. Cutkosky)

Fall 1997

  • Mark Lammers:  (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Wilmington), Genus n Banach Spaces (P. Casazza)
  • Kimberly McHale:  Inequalities for Vibration and Buckling of a Clamped Plate (M. Ashbaugh)

Winter 1997

  • Craig Haile:  (Faculty, College of the Ozarks), An Upper Bound for the Second Eigenvalue of the Dirichlet Schrödinger Operator with Fixed First Eigenvalue (M. Ashbaugh)
  • Tammy Voepel:  (Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville), Variable Transformations for Difference Equations (C. Ahlbrandt)

Fall 1996

  • Annela Kelly:  (Assistant Professor, Roger Williams University), Weakly Analytic Vector-Valued Measures (N. Asmar)
  • Walter Renger:  (Technische Universitüt Clausthal, Germany), Limits of Soliton Solutions (F. Gesztesy)
  • Mangatiana Robdera: On the Analytic Complete Continuity Property of Banach Spaces and Convolution Operators (P. Saab)
  • Unal Ufuktepe:  (Associate Professor, Izmir University of Economics), Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations in the Euclidean Plane (Z. Zhao)
  • Michael Wodzak:  (Associate professor, Viterbo University), Entire Functions and Uniform Distribution (C. Chicone)

Summer 1996

  • Min Zheng:   On Procedures for Finding the Interior Eigenvalues of Large Non-Symmetric Matrices (R. Crownover)

Winter 1996

  • Ratnam Ratnaseelan:  Trace Formulas and Algebro-Geometric Solutions of 1+1 Dimensional Completely Integrable Systems (F. Gesztesy)
  • Wilhelm Sticka:  (Assistant Professor, Southwestern Oklahoma State University), Floquet Theory for Picard-Type Systems of Differential Equations (F. Gesztesy)

Fall 1995

  • Phyllis Panman:  Weighted Norm Inequalities for the Ergodic Hilbert Transform on Locally Compact Abelian Groups (N. Asmar)
  • Gerald Teschl:  (Associate Professor, University of Vienna, Austria), Spectral Theory for Jacobi Operators (F. Gesztesy)
  • Mehmet Unal:  (University of Bahçesehir), Perturbative Oscillation Theorems (F. Gesztesy)


  • Brian Patrick Kelly:  (Assistant Professor, Bryant University), Distributionally Controlled Representations Acting on Vector-Valued Function Spaces (N. Asmar)


  • Beata Randrianantoanina:  (Associate Professor, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford), Isometries of Function Spaces (N. Kalton)
  • Narcisse Randianantoanina:  (Associate Professor, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford), On Stability of Some Properties in Banach Spaces (E. Saab)
  • Sik-Chung Tam (Associate Professor:  (University of Macau), Application of the Local Theory for Quasi-Normed Spaces (N. Kalton)


  • Kevin Easley:  (Professor, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri), Local Existence of Warped Product Metrics (J. Beem)


  • Maria Camino Leranoz:  (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Uniqueness of Unconditional Bases in Quasi-Banach Spaces (N. Kalton)


  • Michael L. Girou:  Locally H-Closed Spaces (D. Pettey)
  • Brenda Carol Bates Smith:  Some Bounded Linear Operators on the Spaces C([omega]E) and A(KE) (P. Saab)


  • Dale John Bachman:  (Associate Professor, Central Missouri State University), *-Operations and *-Spec(R) (I. Papick)
  • Carolyn Melton Eoff:  (Professor, Henderson State University), Certain Orlicz Algebras of Analytic Functions (N. Kalton)


  • Albert Truman Dixon:  (Professor, College of the Ozarks), A Polynomial Ring Localization (J. Huckaba)


  • Musbah Muftah Abedessalam:  On Banach Spaces Containing II and Linear Kelley Spaces (E. Saab)
  • Seon-Bu Kim:  (Professor, Chonnam National University), K-Jacobi Fields and Lorentzian Comparison Theorems (P. Ehrlich)


  • Dean Edwin Allison:  (Professor, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley), Lorentzian Warped Products and Static Space-Times (J. Beem)


  • Thomas George Lucas:  (Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte), The Annihilator Conditions Property (A) and (A C) (J. Huckaba)
  • Bruce Arlie Luxon:  (Professor and Division Director, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Iowa Healthcare), Parameter Estimation: Mathematical Modeling of Hepatic Transport Kinetics (R. Utz)
  • David A. Trautman:  (Professor, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina), Linear Topological Properties of Non-Locally Convex Hardy-Orlicz Spaces (N. Kalton)


  • Thomas George Powell: Lorentzian Manifolds with Non-smooth Metrics and Warped Products (J. Beem)


  • Ram Prakash Kochhax: Scattering from a Porous Sphere (Roetman)
  • Ren-Tai Kuo:  (Professor, National Chung-Hsing University), Vector Measurable Functions via Stonian Spaces (Sentilles)


  • David Jerome Nolting:  Linear Multistep Methods with Near-Optimal Stability (D. Rodabaugh)


  • N. Saber Elaydi:  (Professor, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas), Preferred Sets in Topological Dynamics (Lam)
  • James M. Keller:  (Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Missouri), Topics in the Theory of Graded Rings (J. Huckaba)


  • William Carl Pickel:  Numerical Methods for Time Optimal Control of Linear Systems with Applications to Neutral Systems (M. Jacobs)


  • David Pokrass Jacobs:  (Professor, Clemson University), Some Classes of Generalized Alternative Rings (D. Rodabaugh)


  • Henry Carter Helsabeck:  The Minimal Conjugate Point of a Family of Differential Equations (Leighton)
  • George Wayne Hinkle:  The Generalized Kronecker Function Ring and the Ring R(X) (J. Huckaba)
  • Jonathan B. Mosley: Valuation Theory for Nearfields (Zemmer)
  • Ta-Keng Teng:  Transformation Groups of Characteristic 0 (Lam)


  • Paul Froeschl:  Chained Rings and Maximal Conductor Rings (Huckaba)
  • Robert Charles Hansen:  Integration-Type Operators on a Space of Analytic Functions (Crownover)
  • Jackson Neal Henry:  (Emeritus Professor, California State University at Dominguez Hills), The B Topology for W*-Algebras (Taylor)
  • Stephen E. Rodabaugh:  (Professor, Youngstown State University, Ohio), Upper Semicontinuous Decompositions of Convex Metric Spaces (Pettey)
  • Sylvester Thompson:  (Professor, Radford University), Predictor and Corrector Methods with Increased Ranges of Relative Stability (Rodabaugh)
  • Thomas G. Wallgren: (Assistant Professor, Southeast Missouri State University), Oscillation of Solutions of the Differential Equation y''+p(x)y=f(x) (Leighton)


  • William Andrew Ettling:  (Associate Professor Emeritus, Southeast Missouri State University), Arc Length in Metric Spaces (Blumenthal)
  • Seyoum Getu:  (Professor, Howard University), Generalizing Alternative Rings (Rodabaugh)
  • Mahmoud Ahmed Kishta: Generalized Indefinite and Einstein-Finsler Spaces (Beem)
  • James Richard McKinney: On Volumes of Central Sections of Convex Bodies (Petty)
  • Judith R. McKinney: Kernels of Measures on Completely Regular Spaces (Sentilles)
  • Steven Eldon Mosiman: (Professor, Loras College), Strict Topologies and Topological Measure Theory (Sentilles)
  • Raymond Edward Stockton: On Simple Totally Antiflexible Algebras (Rodabaugh)
  • James Lewis Thornburg:  Convergent Subsequences from Sequences of Functions (Schrader)
  • Suram Umamaheswaram:  Boundary Value Problems for n-th order Ordinary Differential Equations (Schrader)


  • Charles Raymond Stephens:  A Wedderburn Principal Theorem (Rodabaugh)


  • Mahesh Chandra Bhandari:  On the Classification of Simple Antiflexible Algebras (Rodabaugh)
  • James Richard Clark: On Relationships Between Coreflexive and Somewhat Reflexive Banach Spaces (Fleming)
  • James Hayden Hays:  Reductions of Ideals in Commutative Rings (Huckaba)


  • Massoud Michael Awad:  A Metric Characterization of Banach Space (Blumenthal)
  • Robert Allan Chaffer:  (Associate professor, Central Michigan University), On a Wedderburn Principle Theorem for the Flexible Algebras (Rodabaugh)
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