Leadership training: developing the skills today's employers expect.

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 4:00pm
MSB 111
Loriana Sekarski,
President, BONSAI® (www.GrowWithBONSAI.com)

Loriana Sekarski, a leadership coach and consultant, will discuss how you can be better prepared to land the job you want and end up on the "fast track."  Whether in academia or industry, employers are expecting more than excellent technical skills. And with the importance of big data, industry has more jobs than ever for PhD's in Math and Statistics.  She will give you tips she uses with clients that you can apply to be more effective, answer questions on networking/jobs/interviewing/leadership, and tell you about a unique opportunity for leadership development (PTLS – Preparing Tomorrows Leaders in Science) and how to apply to be part of an elite group that is recruiting mathematicians (see https://cafnr.missouri.edu/degrees-and-programs/graduate-studies/preparing-tomorrows-leaders-for-science/).  Stephen Quinn from our department will be a PTLS graduate this May.  Come prepared for a good discussion!

Coffee and cookies will be served in Room 306 at 3:30pm.