Problem of the Week (Week 2)

Friday, January 27, 2017 - 3:30pm

Mizzou AMS Student Chapter
Problem of the Week
Week 2
A Missionary’s Dilemma
A captured missionary is presented with two bowls. One bowl has
50 white beads, the other has 50 black beads. The missionary is
asked to put some beads from the first bowl into the second, then
some from the second back into the first. He is blindfolded, and
his captors stir the contents of the two bowls, and then move the
bowls around. He is then asked to select a bowl, and a single bead
from that bowl. White sets him free, black means he stays captive.
Can he switch the beads to give himself a better than 50% chance
of freedom? You must justify your answer.
Due by noon on Friday, February 3.