Next Qualifying Exam Dates

Next Qualifying Exam Dates

The next qualifying exams will be held as follows

  • ANALYSIS:  May 2018, 12:00pm-4:00pm, perhaps in Strickland 124B.

  • ALGEBRA:  May 2018, 12:00pm-4:00pm, in Strickland 124B.

  • The sign-up sheets are with Amy in the main math office.
  • Please bring your student ID with you when taking the exam(s).
  • NO calculators are allowed for the duration of these exams.
  • Snacks may be brought to the exam.   

Qualifying Exam Committee: Dan Edidin (Chair), Dale Cutkosky, Stamatis Dostoglou, , Adam Helfer, Stephen Montgomery-Smith, Carlo Morpurgo, Zhenbo Qin, Dana Weston.

Carlo Morpurgo will teach the Analysis courses (Math 8420-8421), and Dana Weston will teach the Algebra courses (teach Math 8410-8411).

Advice: You are encouraged to contact the examiners above for additional guidance in preparing for the Qualifying Examinations. You are encouraged, also, to seek help from this group concerning questions that may arise in your attempts to solve problems on past examinations as part of your review process.