Pete Casazza

Pete Casazza
Pete Casazza
116 Mathematical Sciences Building
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Casazza is the "mathematician's mathematician."  He has no interests outside of mathematics (except his spouse and bunnies).  He works 365 days a year (He says: "a day without mathematics is a day without sunshine") and in 30 years has taken only three vacations.  He has given over 500 invited addresses in 25 countries of the world.  He goes to bed at 1 pm and gets up at 10 pm to do his research un-interrupted overnight.  Research is a form of "mental gymnastics" which is endless excitement and entertainment and is certainly addictive.  When the University of Missouri decided to write about the "biggest nerd on campus," they immediately chose Pete Casazza.  His research is supported by:  NSF DMS - Analysis Section, Applied Math Section, Digital Signal Processing Section, and NSF ATD: Algorithms for Threat Detection.  His research is also supported by NGA:  the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency; DTRA; the Defense Threat Reduction Agency; and AFOSR; the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.   He is the Director of the Frame Research Center which currently has 25 people working that are spread throughout the world.

  • 1972 Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  • 1970 M.S., University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  • 1967 B.S., St. Lawrence University, Canton, N.Y.
Frequently Taught Courses: 
  • MATH 8702 Topics in Applied Math
  • MATH 9787 Applied Analysis
Research Interests: 

Pete Casazza worked for 25 years in functional analysis (Banach space theory) and then switched into applied math.  He does research in functional analysis, (applied) harmonic analysis, operator theory, but his main research interest is in applications of Hilbert space frames to problems in mathematics, applied mathematics and engineering.  Go to the Frame Research Center to see papers and information on this subject.