Carmen Chicone

Carmen Chicone
Emeritus Professor
Carmen Chicone
Mathematical Sciences Building
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Carmen has published two books and over 90 research articles. Research interests are in the areas of dynamical systems and applied mathematics. Personal hobbies include woodworking and fishing.

  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1977
Frequently Taught Courses: 
  • MATH 4540/7540. Mathematical Modeling I
Select Publications: 

General Relativity Papers on arXiv

  • Ultrarelativistic Motion: Inertial and Tidal Effects in Fermi Coordinates
  • Significance of c/sqrt(2) in Relativistic Physics
  • Black Holes and Ultrarelativistic Particles
  • Tidal Dynamics of Relativistic Flows Near Black Holes
  • Dynamics of Relativistic Flows
  • The Generalized Jacobi Equation
  • Acceleration-Induced Nonlocality: Uniqueness of the Kernel

...and others

General Relativity

Ordinary Differential Equations