Fritz Gesztesy

Fritz Gesztesy
Emeritus Professor
Fritz Gesztesy

Fritz Gesztesy’s  research centers around applications of operator and spectral theory to a variety of problems connected to mathematical physics.  He has lectured and held visiting positions at numerous institutions and supervised 7 Masters and 14 Ph.D. students.  Currently, he is editor in chief of the Journal of Spectral Theory (EMS).  He also serves as a co-editor of several journals and book series, edited a number of proceedings volumes and special journal issues, and co-authored a Springer book (now in 2nd edition with the AMS) and two Cambridge University Press monographs. Details can be found in his CV.

His professional honors include:

  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, University of Bielefeld, Germany, 1980-81 and 1983-84.
  • Ludwig Boltzmann Award, Austrian Physical Society, 1987.
  • L.M. Defoe Distinguished Professorship, Dept. of Math., Univ. of Missouri, September 1996 until August 2001.
  • M. & R. Houchins Distinguished Professorship, Dept. of  Math., Univ. of Missouri, since January 1, 2002. 
  • Election to the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters, Trondheim, Norway, January 1, 2002. 
  • Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, January 1, 2013.  
  • 1976 Ph.D., University of Graz, Austria
Research Interests: 

Mathematical physics, operator theory, spectral theory, completely integrable systems, ordinary and partial differential equations.

Select Publications: 

F.G., Y. Latushkin, K. A. Makarov, F. Sukochev, and Y. Tomilov.The index formula and the spectral shift function for relatively trace class perturbations. Adv. Math. 227, 319-420 (2011).

F.G. and M. Mitrea. A description of all self-adjoint extensions of the Laplacian and Krein-type resolvent formulas on non-smooth domains. J. Analyse Math. 113, 53-172 (2011).

M. Ashbaugh, F.G., M. Mitrea, and G. Teschl. Spectral theory for perturbed Krein Laplacians in nonsmooth domains. Adv. Math. 223, 1372-1467 (2010).

F.G. and B. Simon. A new approach to inverse spectral theory, II. General real potentials  and the connection to the spectral measure. Ann. Math. 152, 593-643 (2000).

F.G. and R. Weikard. A characterization of all elliptic solutions of the AKNS hierarchy. Acta Math. 181, 63-108 (1998).

F.G. and R. Weikard. Picard potentials and Hill's equation on a torus. Acta Math. 176, 73-107 (1996).

F.G. and B. Simon. The xi function. Acta Math. 176, 49-71 (1996).

F.G., W. Karwowski, and Z. Zhao. Limits of soliton solutions. Duke Math. J. 68, 101-150 (1992).

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