Department Scholarships

Department Scholarships

The Department of Mathematics has several scholarships available for math majors. Any student who has a Graduation Plan in Mathematics filed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Mathematics and the College of Arts & Science, is eligible to apply.

Mounira Asmar Scholarship for outstanding students majoring in mathematics that demonstrate a financial need.

Helen M. Barrett Scholarship for math majors who have graduated from the Mehlville High School.

Meryl Michelle Bartlett Scholarship for outstanding students majoring in mathematics.

Helen and Paul Burcham Scholarships and the Hazel S. Grabosch Scholarships for outstanding JUNIORS majoring in mathematics.

Hazel S. Grabosch Endowed Scholarship in Math awarded to full-time JUNIORS within an area of concentration in mathematics at the time of the award.

James A. Huckaba Scholarship in Mathematics based on merit, to undergraduate or graduate students in math.

Phyllis Ann Heyssel Scholarship for math majors; selection based on achievement and promise.

PROMUS Fund for undergraduate math majors.

Lindsey Vinton Rickey Mathematics Scholarship for outstanding students majoring in mathematics.

Georges and Genevieve Saab Memorial Scholarships for outstanding SENIORS majoring in mathematics.